Being too accommodating Free naughty text chatline service

I sometimes no longer get gendered when presenting gender-neutral until I start talking, though I personally feel like I look 100% like a guy.

I think you should still try to build a relationship with your family if you feel like there's a chance of it working out.She told me to my face that she would never be able to use the preferred names/pronouns because it was just too hard for her.So I thought: if she really wants me to believe she's doing this out of habit, I'm going to force her to break that habit.Your family telling you to dress in a way that makes you unhappy just to make them comfortable is wrong, and I think you are being too accommodating. There are many different strategies for dealing with family, and none of them are wrong.Again, your choice what you do, but as much as it can hurt to lose others, it also hurts to be told that you have to follow strict conditions to be accepted. Well, unless it’s illegal somehow; assault is wrong even if they’re total assholes.

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