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Told in present tense, and often focusing on dialogue and action, rather than description, Blood Drunk feels fresh and is very readable.

One criticism, however, would be that rather a lot of plot is crammed into the final chapter after a very even pace in the rest of the book and I suspect this is to set up the rest of the series.

There is plenty of sexual attraction and fascination between vampires and humans, but this is definitely not a love story.

The book begins with quite a horrible murder, and the violence and selfishness of vampires is evident throughout the story.

Additionally, though third person, the book is told from the perspective of the male protagonist.

I found this to be a particular strength, as Lovells hero is compelling and believable (which is not always the case in YA fiction).

Although Mahs plot is original and could make a good vampire series, other than Amy herself, the characters are standard and underdeveloped.

The voice changes erratically, alerting the reader to new point of view by italics and sub-heading, and these devices make the story amateurish and difficult to follow.

The book needs a thorough editor with a better eye for continuity.I particularly enjoyed the way Blue is forced to confront his own prejudices (how to react to gay and metrosexual characters) through the haze of the blood drunk vampiric world.Another strength of the book is Lovells slightly off-beat writing style.The most disturbing aspect of the book, and the basis of my recommendation rating, is that there is a blatant misogyny that is fundamental to the plot.Though Amys attitude is rebellious and proud, Mahs nonchalant, often violent subjugation of females in her work is inappropriate and offensive. is the first in a new YA vampire series from writer Angela Lovell.

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