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The third rule expects users to consider how what they post will impact someone on Facebook.[np-related]While Facebook has a terms agreement that forbids obvious violations like hate speech or pornography, it’s up to users to navigate how they’ll cope with a cousin who insists on tagging them in unflattering photos.

Among the 36 initial rules published by the study are prohibitions against mixing Facebook with your professional life: Don’t let Facebook interfere with getting your work done.

Don’t post anything that will hurt a friend’s career.

Don’t post anything that will hurt a friend’s relationships.

If a friend deletes or untags themself from a photo or post, do not repost it.

One is downright ominous: Always realize that Facebook can expose lies you have told people.“Obviously, people have an issue with deception and identity,” Ms.

Here are a few truths about work and social media sites to keep in mind to avoid damaging your career: And if you're in the B2B space and wondering if it's a good idea to friend a client, well, err on the side of no.

Only 33 percent of execs seemed to have any sense of comfort with the prospect of connecting on Facebook with clients.

The authors analyzed the data and came up with 138 rules.

”, generated a list that offers a glimpse inside the nuanced interactions of social media users, where rules are understood but not necessarily discussed.

Using data gleaned from focus groups with university students at a U. school, the authors came up with a list of guidelines.

it just emerged out of the site.”Erin Bryant, also a doctoral candidate at Arizona State, is a co-author of the study.36 Facebook friendship rules: Project yourself in a manner others would want to be associated with.

Don’t post anything that will hurt a friend’s image.

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