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File Size: ~1450MB Resolution: 716x480 Duration: 85 min Format: mkv Download Link(s): Hot Moves.part1- 285.5 MB Hot Moves.part2- 285.5 MB Hot Moves.part3- 285.5 MB Hot Moves.part4- 285.5 MB Hot Moves.part5- 285.5 MB Seeds ALternative Title: Seeds of Sin Year: 1968 Country: USA Genre: Drama, Horror, Erotic Quality: DVDRip Language: Original Director: Andy Milligan Studio: Aquarius Productions Starring: Maggie Rogers, Candy Hammond, Anthony Moscini, Lucy Silvay, Neil Flanagan, Gene Connolly, David Hazard, Jonathan East, Patricia Dillon, Paul Eden, Jesse Bigelow, Lisa Hart, Eileen Hayes, Jerry Cortez, Rita Benning Description: Claris Manning is an alcoholic invalid who tyrannizes her children when her youngest daughter, Carol, invites her family to spend a Christmas week together.Rental) Studio: ODEC Starring: Vanina Cranfield, P.De Brunet, Jacqueline De Meester, Diane Dee, Christian Maillet, Numa, Nathalie Vernier Description: Twisted story about two sisters struggling with their libido File Size: ~1200MB Resolution: 592x368 Duration: 75 min Format: avi Download Link(s): Die Pornoschwestern.part1- 292.8 MB Die Pornoschwestern.part2- 292.8 MB Die Pornoschwestern.part3- 292.8 MB Die Pornoschwestern.part4- 292.8 MB Amor Estranho Amor Alternative Title: Love Strange Love Year: 1982 Country: Brazil Genre: Drama, Erotic Quality: DVDRip Language: English Director: Walter Hugo Khouri Studio: Cinearte Producoes Cinematograficas Starring: Vera Fischer, Tarcisio Meira, Xuxa Meneghel, Iris Bruzzi, Walter Forster, Marcelo Ribeiro, Mauro Mendonca, Madame Adelube, Vanessa Alves, Carmem Angelica, Jairo Arco e Flexa, Otavio Augusto, Elys Cardoso, Renee Casemart, Mateus Colaco Description: Man remembers 48 crucial hours in his life when, as a teenager, he visited his mother, the favorite woman of an important politician, in a bordello owned by her, right before some important political changes in Brazil, in 1937. File Size: ~1500MB Resolution: 720x480 Duration: 120 min Format: mkv Download Link(s): Amor Estranho Amor.part1- 299.2 MB Amor Estranho Amor.part2- 299.2 MB Amor Estranho Amor.part3- 299.2 MB Amor Estranho Amor.part4- 299.2 MB Amor Estranho Amor.part5- 299.2 MB Black Cobra Woman Alternative Titles: Eva nera Nackte Eva Emmanuelle Goes Japanese Year: 1976 Country: Italy Genre: Erotic, Drama Quality: DVDRip Language: Original Director: Joe D'Amato Studio: Matra Cinematografica Starring: Jack Palance, Laura Gemser, Gabriele Tinti, Michele Starck, Ziggy Zanger, Guido Mariotti Description: Judas, a wealthy playboy living in Hong Kong, is obsessed with snakes.That’s exactly what happens in this collection of Full HD videos.Most of the time you’ll see lucky guys getting to hook up with the their favorite leading ladies from the world of porn.

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