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Heffner was out sick today." Brenda was now getting very uncomfortable.Jason asked if he could put some lotion on her legs."Sweetey if you wash the dishes for the rest of the week I'll put on some heels for you ok? She dropped him off and kissed him on the cheek after which Jason's palm accidentaly rubbed her breast when he was grabbing his bag. After school Jason did everything he said he would do and was relaxing by the pool.Brenda came out in a white bikini and her daughter's heels because she didn't own any herself.She was worried enough about her son that she was willing to participate in his game and help him get more relaxed around women, she didn't want her son to go trough life scared of females. Jason took some tanning lotion and rubbed it on his hands.

She wore a one piece bikini because she did all her tanning in the tanning bed in the basement."Mom you know you have very nice legs, you should wear heels more often." Brenda took a deep breath "Wow my son is a leg man huh, I would have guessed differently the way you looked at me this morning." Jason kept it up."Tell you what mom, I'll wash the dishes after school but you have to wear high heels with your bikini today at the pool." "Honey you are lucky you're getting me into the two piece to begin with so just stop pushing this." Brenda sat there thinking, she felt sorry for her son not ever having contact with a girl before and she thought of this whole thing as a game anyway so she wasn't concerned about anything inappropriate.She sat up on her chair and told Jason to come over there. I'm not gonna bite you like the other girls at school. "Don't be scared honey, and before you start you have to promise me you won't tell dad that I let you put suntan lotion on my back deal? Brenda's bottom was nothing like a thong but it was tight enough around her butt that it showed off her curves.Now untie the knot behind my neck." Jason stood up with an erection which Brenda noticed right away but figured it was only natural. She kicked her heels off and said "This is what you wanted right sweetey?

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