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Within a few days, the video had been seen by millions of fans around the world (total views have now reached more than 146 million) and record companies were literally knocking on the band’s Burlington door. We always try to think positively and something always good comes of it.” Blackwood and Luminati have only positive thoughts about the upcoming birth of their baby.By February 2012, Walk Off The Earth had signed a deal with Columbia, one of the most prestigious record labels in the world. Adds Luminati: “It’s a positive outlook on life, not just music. “We don’t have to go crazy touring the world 200 days a year,” says Luminati. We’re basically touring until the last month and a half (of the pregnancy).The Canadian group Walk Off The Earth first came together in 2006. Charles Nicolai is a chiropractor in New York, but he also is the ex-husband of model Stephanie Adams. Adams is the mother of their seven-year-old son, Vincent who along her jumped to their death from the top of Gotham Hotel …

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And Sarah Blackwood is no small part of the group's ascendance to worldwide recognition.

Luminati, however, was more comfortable with the familiar surroundings of Justin Koop’s B Town Sound studio in Burlington.

“We liked what we were doing in Burlington and (the record company) was kind of blown back by that,” Luminati says.

The study cited the case of Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, a black woman who criticized “The Apprentice” for stereotyping her and other black contestants.

Psychologists decry the mindless behavior that mutates reality for the undiscerning, the ignorant and the impressionable young minds who are drinking in these tainted images.“Programs like ‘The Apprentice’ routinely stereotype black participants,” psychologist Simon Rosemead wrote.

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