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A principal at a high school out of Mississippi-Joel Myrick said “Teachers have to teach, and that’s what they should be doing,” which I definitely can acknowledge.Arming and training teachers will put an extreme amount of pressure on themselves, already troubling over 100 students and then on top of that having to protect them from a psychopathic gunman is a lot to handle.If I knew there were trained adults concealing weapons at my school I would feel very safe.I would know that in the chance there was an active shooter in my school, I wouldn’t be left defenseless. Guns are the reason that school shootings were able to take place and adding more guns to schools would not help save lives.Police officers are already able to kill people without consequence and teachers should not be added to that list.Another point that Trump brought up was “a little bit of a bonus” given to armed teachers.Myrick said he had “acute stress for about six months afterward. Misery.” following the day he detained a 16 year old gunman in 1997.I understand that parents want their children to be safe at school, but placing their children’s lives in the hands of the kids’ algebra teacher is an unreasonable expectation.

Making teachers bring guns to school is just the NRA trying to solve gun violence by selling more weapons, a solution that doesn’t require better background checks or halting the sale of military-grade weapons to the public.

We need to get weapons of war off our streets, let the hunter have his riffle let the housewife have her hand gun but no 18yr. If it would make parents, students and teachers feel safer to have a gun then sure, have a guns in school.

Also the person with a fire arm has to be handed by a highly trained teacher.

I feel that letting those know that there is advanced security on school grounds will make them feel safer and make people think twice when attempting to do something as awful as what happened in Florida earlier this month. Teachers are just like the students in the sense that they want to survive a crisis situation, and whether all of them would be able to confront an intruder and hold a gun to their head (possibly the head of one of their students) is debatable.

Neither are they trained to handle the effects afterwards, as Mr.

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